Apple iOS 17 Released: Explore the Best Features and Supported Devices

13 June 2023 / By Arham Technosoft

Apple’s iOS 17 brings a host of exciting features and improvements to enhance the user experience on iPhones. From personalized contact posters to live voicemail, iOS 17 offers a range of innovative functionalities. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the top features of iOS 17 and provide a list of supported devices.

Supported iPhones:

iOS 17 is compatible with the following iPhones:

  1. iPhone 13 Pro Max
  2. iPhone 13 Pro
  3. iPhone 13 Mini
  4. iPhone 13
  5. iPhone 12 Pro Max
  6. iPhone 12 Pro
  7. iPhone 12 Mini
  8. iPhone 12
  9. iPhone SE (2nd generation)
  10. iPhone 11 Pro Max
  11. iPhone 11 Pro
  12. iPhone 11
  13. iPhone XS Max
  14. iPhone XS
  15. iPhone XR
  16. iPhone X
  17. iPhone 8 Plus
  18. iPhone 8
  19. iPhone 7 Plus
  20. iPhone 7
  21. iPhone SE (1st generation)

Best Features of iOS 17:

  1. Personalized Contact Posters:

    iOS 17 allows you to create personalized posters for your contacts. These posters can include photos, emojis, and custom backgrounds, making it easier to identify your contacts at a glance.

  2. Live Voicemail:

    With iOS 17, voicemail messages come to life with live transcriptions that appear as the message is being recorded. This feature enables you to read the content of the voicemail even before it finishes playing.

  3. Video Voicemail and Reactions on FaceTime:

    iOS 17 introduces the ability to send video voicemails via FaceTime. Additionally, you can react to messages with expressive emojis during FaceTime calls, adding a fun and interactive element to your conversations.

  4. Exciting Features in the Messages App:

    iOS 17 enhances the Messages app with various new features. These include a search filter to quickly find specific messages, a catch-up feature that provides a summary of missed conversations, and the ability to swipe to reply, making it more convenient to respond to messages.

  5. Check-in Feature in Messages:

    iOS 17 introduces a check-in feature in the Messages app. You can now easily share your location with contacts and let them know where you are, simplifying meetups and coordination.

  6. Live Stickers:

    iOS 17 brings live stickers to iMessage, allowing you to send animated stickers that react to your touch and movement, adding a dynamic and engaging element to your conversations.

  7. StandBy in iOS 17:

    StandBy is a new feature in iOS 17 that intelligently manages battery life by automatically pausing and resuming background activities based on your usage patterns, ensuring optimal battery performance.

  8. Share Contact Card Using NameDrop:

    NameDrop is a convenient feature in iOS 17 that allows you to share contact cards with others easily. Simply type a contact’s name in any app, and iOS 17 will suggest sharing their contact information via NameDrop.

  9. A Brand New Journal App:

    iOS 17 introduces a dedicated Journal app that enables users to document their thoughts, experiences, and memories in a digital format. This app provides various customization options and intuitive organization features.

  10. Create Profiles on Safari:

    In iOS 17, Safari allows you to create profiles, making it easier to manage different browsing preferences, bookmarks, and tabs for various contexts, such as work and personal use.

  11. Use Offline Maps:

    iOS 17 enhances the Maps app by introducing offline maps. This feature allows you to download maps of specific regions and access them without an internet connection, ensuring you can navigate even in areas with limited connectivity.

  12. New Mindfulness Feature on the Health App:

    iOS 17 includes a new mindfulness feature in the Health app. This feature provides guided meditation sessions, breathing exercises, and other wellness activities to help users prioritize their mental well-being.

  13. Upgraded Autocorrect and Dictation Abilities:

    iOS 17 enhances the autocorrect and dictation capabilities, making them more accurate and intuitive. The improved algorithms ensure better word suggestions and transcription accuracy.

  14. Interactive Widgets:

    iOS 17 introduces interactive widgets that provide more functionality and customization options. These widgets can be placed on the home screen and offer quick access to app features and information.

iOS 17 brings a wide range of exciting features and enhancements to iPhones, enriching the user experience across various aspects of the operating system. From personalized contact posters and live voicemail to improved messaging features and a brand new Journal app, iOS 17 offers a wealth of innovative functionalities. Supported by a list of compatible devices, iOS 17 empowers iPhone users with powerful tools and intuitive features to make the most of their devices.

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